Bonobono Staffel 1

[Ger Sub] Ein Seeotter und seine Freunde, ein Waschbär und ein Eichhörnchen leben und spielen zusammen im Wald.


Anime Comedy


2016 - Unbekannt


Keine Angabe




Hidenori Yamaguchi


Mikio Igarashi

1 The Sea Is a Place to Play Alone
2 My Tooth Hurts, It Really Hurts
3 I Want to Climb a Tree
4 Where`s Prairie Dog?
5 Dreams Are Strange
6 Raccoon Has Made Up His Mind
7 I Got My Own Island
8 My Dad`s and My House
9 Chewingyo with Everyone
10 How Does A Cold Get Better?
11 I'm Staying Home by Myself Today
12 Something Valuable Has Been Stolen
13 Scary Ideas Are Scary
14 My Rock Broke
15 Sometimes I Feel Lonely
16 I Walk a Lot
17 Chipmunk's Sisters
18 What We Think Is Fun To Do
19 The Sights Inside Me
20 Fishing Cat at Play
21 Chipmunk's Duel
22 What I Once Had
23 Fenny Goes Aaah
24 The Big Rock of the Rock Tree
25 What the Clouds Bring
26 Sis is Back
27 About Bats
28 Fishing Cat Has Fun
29 Is Badger Strange?
30 Let`s Walk the Path
31 Chipmunk Finds the Culprit
32 Has It Really Been Fun, Lately?
33 Dad Likes to Go On Journeys
34 I Can`t Catch Fish
35 I Want to See a Landslide
36 Sis`s Errand
37 How Do I Become Self-Reliant?
38 What Chipmunk Learned
39 Let`s Play at Divine Punishment
40 I Want to Meet My Twin
41 It`s a Secret to Kids
42 Let`s Sow Seeds with Chipmunk
43 A Sprout Appeared!
44 A Boring Story